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Role of Using Barcode Labels in Different Industries

Barcode are simple machine readable presentation of data and number that contain exact information about product. Barcode are backbone of any type business organization to manage and track their lot of information within less time. These barcode labels can easily design with help of barcode label maker software. Barcode software helps in storing and picking item of organization. The software provide various type of font symbology including code bar, code 11, code 128, POSTNET, FELEPEN, code 39 and many more to design own style product labels in convenient way. Barcode tool create innovative business labels of various shape and size.

Barcode label maker program provide user friendly GUI interface to design colourful product labels, tags and stickers with help of advance or flexible printing setting on computer system. This application allow users to create industrial standard barcode images that can be use with different Windows application like MS-word, MS-excel and paint. You are able to print multiple product labels on single sheet. By using this software, you can easily save created barcode images in various graphical file formats such as jpeg, riff, tiff, png etc. Bar code program is helpful and powerful tool that facilitates users to generate bar-code labels of various font standards useful in major industrial areas.

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Barcode are machine-readable codes that encodes secure data or information about the product to which it is attached.
Now a day barcodes are widely used in every business field to manage large stock of data systematically. Applications of barcode labels can be seen in every business field like inventory, retail, packaging, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, post offices, banks and wholesale shops etc. If you want to generate barcode labels for any product specific industry then you can easily create labels by using Barcode Maker Software. It provides you facility to generate more than one price tags, stickers etc for multiple business industries in single time by using random, sequential series and random value methods.

Barcode labels

Barcode label designing procedure via Label Maker Software
For creating barcode labels by at first you need to run DRPU barcode label maker software on your PC. There are available two different types of modes for label creation 1- Barcode Settings 2-Barcode Designing View mode. Here we have described both of the modes in short.

1-Barcode Settings Mode
At first you need to click on the Barcode Settings tab. There are available Linear and 2D text font methodology for label creation. A predefined set of text fonts is also available with both of the symbologies. Select text methodology and font type as per your labeling requirement. Here you can add Barcode value, barcode header and barcode footer according to you. There are available four tabs including General Settings, Font Settings, Color Settings and Image settings. You can adjust all these setting easily. Your barcode label is ready now.

barcode settings

2-Barcode Designing View Mode
It is the advance mode of label creation. Go to the Barcode Designing View tab. Insert barcode icon from the tool bar. After inserting the icon now double click on it to open the barcode properties. There are also available two types of text methodology as Linear and 2D. A predefined set of font is also available here. Choose Text symbology and font type according to you. Suppose here we have chosen linear text methodology and EAN8 as barcode font type. You can easily adjust value, size, font and color settings according to you. Your barcode label is ready. Now proceed to card properties.

barcode designing view

Card Properties
Here you can specify card properties like card shape, card name, card type, product number, height, width etc.

card properties

Barcode Label Printing
For label printing you need to click on the print icon in the Tool bar. A new window will appear in front of you with two types of printing modes 1-Pre define label stock 2-Manual. Select any one of them. Here you can also adjust printing settings according to you.
In pre defined label stock mode

barcode label printing

Barcode Printing using Thermal Printer

barcode printing

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                                                    Download DRPU Barcode Maker Software for evaluation

download barcode maker software

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